Pike Perfect Landing flaps extended Milang 2011



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Australian Open Thermal Rules
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These rules include thermal, slope, electric and F3B disciplines.

Committee Reports

2018 LSF Aus Financial Report (.xlsx)

2017 LSF Aus Treasurer's Report (.doc)

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2011 LSF Aus. Financial Report (.pdf)

2008 LSF Aus Financial Report .xls file

Committee AGM Minutes

2018 LSF Aus AGM Minutes (.pdf)

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Past Jerilderie Results


Jerilderie 2009-20018 (zip folder)

Jerilderie 2008 Results (zip folder)
Jerilderie 2007 Results (zip folder)
Jerilderie 2006 Results (zip folder)
Jerilderie 2005 Results (excel format)
Jerilderie 2004 Results (excel format)
Jerilderie 2003 Final Results (PDF 49kb)
Jerilderie 2003 Team Results (PDF 13kb)
Jerilderie 2002 Final Results (PDF 32kb)
Jerilderie 2002 Round by Round (PDF 72kb)
Jerilderie 2002 HLG (PDF 16kb)
Jerilderie 2002 Spot Landing Points (PDF 16kb)


chris adams' Ellipse 4A theoretical analysis of Ellipse 4 aerodynamics (MS Word 1MB) Author | John Skinner

Joe Wurts lecture notes from Jerilderie 2008
(1.46MB, .ppt)

Mike lecturing on the fieldTrimming Techniques for Multi Channel Gliders, Mike O'Reilly. Get it here (6.5MB .ppt)